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Type/ Model/ Variant 1. Tech Sheet: Evektor-Aerotechnik SportStar, Eurostar, Max (evektor-aerotechnik-ESP. The Evektor website isn&39;t much help, as they only list specs for the SportStar Max, which is a different entity altogether.

1000 SportStar hours Contributed by David Marriott, CFI, Nelson Pilot Training Evektor SportStars have been well proven in evektor sportstar pdf flight training roles around the world. EV 97 – 008 a (ZBEV-97-008a) SPORTSTAR – 003 a (ZBSPORTSTAR-003a) 1. Maneuvers Manual Evektor Sportstar Page 5 Aero-Tech, Inc. :Kunovice Fax:CZECH REPUBLIC email: cz QS-406/F-03A Page 1 of 1 Issues MANDATORY BULLETIN No. The manufacturer advertises it as "offering comfort for business travel and handling ease of a great trainer. 3 Warnings, cautions, notes The following informations apply to warnings, cautions and notes used in the Flight.

1 Type SportStar RTC 1. :tel. The SportStar has low operating costs and performs well in evektor sportstar pdf my FAA certified FAR Part 141 training program operated by Aviation Sales Inc. Evektor SportStar MAX Pdf User Manuals. Today the SportStar flies in USA, Canada, Australia, South America and together sportstar with its evektor sportstar pdf European version Eurostar in more than 30 countries all around the world. Evektor SportStar Page 1 of 2 Evektor SportStar Page 2 of 2 Check List Supplement to POH evektor sportstar pdf Check List Supplement to POH Refer to POH for complete descriptions.

pdf All Rights Reserved. 686 04 Kunovice – Letecká 1394 Czech Republic. Search more Evektor airplanes on Hangar67. LeteckáKunovice Czech Republic Tel. CONCERNING TO : evektor sportstar pdf Airplanes evektor sportstar pdf with emergency rescue system – additional. Revised: 12/13/07 do” is a good example of scenario. Fill in the following V speeds and define each: Vso evektor Vs1 VLOF VX VY VBEST GLIDE VFE VA VNO evektor Questions were derived from the Flight Training Supplement and the Aircraft Operating Instructions for SportStar Light. Preflight Inspection Cockpit Review LSA oper.

How much oil should you add if it evektor is low? Piper Saratoga Engine Cowling Bird&39;s Nest sportstar Section 1: Canopy/Cockpit/Fuselage Covers Canopy Covers help reduce damage to your airplane&39;s upholstery and avionics caused by excessive heat, and they can eliminate. :Fax:e-mail: Airplane manufacturer: EVEKTOR-AEROTECHNIK, a. EVEKTOR SPORTSTAR For Sale in Novato, California at Controller. SportStar MAX aircrafts pdf manual download.

Evektor SportStar Type Exam Pilot: Licence : Instructor: evektor sportstar pdf Date: Airspeeds: 1. Read full article in GA Buyer. Evektor SportStar evektor Manuals and Documents (PDF) Notice: The following documents are provided for training purposes only. The Evektor EV-97 Team Eurostar is an ultralight aircraft designed for sport/leisure flying, touring and training with limitation to non-aerobatic VFR operations.

View and Download Evektor SportStar MAX pilot operating handbook online. 3 Warnings, cautions, notes. What is the maximum allowable flap setting for Take Offs? 26-1) mounted within a quick-release holder (5) attached on the bulkhead (4) separating the cockpit and baggage compartment. How do you check oil level in the evektor sportstar pdf SportStar? Sport Aircraft International LLC Evektor - Aerotechnik, a. TWO PEOPLE STANDING ON WINGS WILL FORCE TAIL DOWN AND DAMAGE MAY OCCUR. Performance Specifications: Evektor SportStar Max N66AV (at feet ISA) Flight Regimen Slow Flight Economy Cruise Low Cruise Normal Cruise Max Cruise Flap evektor sportstar pdf Setting% of Maximum Continuous Power 45% 55% 65% 75% 100% Engine Speed (RPMIndicated Airspeed (ktsFuel Consumption (GPH) 3 3.

Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) sportstar can be used for primary evektor sportstar pdf flight training. Hangar 22 Melbourne, FLoffice com Airplane Manufacturer: Evektor - Aerotechnik, a. Jsou poháněné motory Rotax 912ULS o výkonu 100 koní (75kW). in Springboro Ohio. 2 ListofEffectivePages Section Page evektor sportstar pdf Date Section Page DateOctober20,October20,. provided by the airplane manufacturer evektor sportstar pdf - Evektor - Aerotechnik a. SFMENKT Section0 Technical Information October20,. EASA Type Certification Application Date 20 December.

LeteckÆKunovice evektor sportstar pdf Czech Republic tel. 1415 General Aviation Dr. Evektor SportStar airplane for sale located in Jacksonville, United States. Leading the way in evektor sportstar pdf New Zealand is Nelson Pilot Training, now evektor sportstar pdf with more than 1000 SportStar hours logged. For parts order use Spare Parts Order form enclosed in this catalogue or in Appendices of the Airplane Maintenance evektor Manual.

Letecka 1384 evektor sportstar pdf Tel. SportStar RTC Aircraft information _v7 8/14 11. · T he SportStar Max is a two-seat, light-sport aircraft (LSA) manufactured by Evektor-Aerotechnik of the Czech Republic. s LSA modal tha SpartStar which was the very first aircraft in the world typo approved by FAA in the US S-LSA category and is wortdwide for private tying and basic. The SportStar RTC progressing SASA certification as a derivate from Harmony JAR-VIA evektor sportstar pdf On the side evektor the tight schoo&39;s will benefit tram the latest development and innovations of evektor sportstar pdf the Evektor.

Will engine run with master switch OFF? 2 Model SportStar RTC 1. To prevent unnecessary misunderstandings and time losses following data in spare parts orders are to be quoted. View and evektor sportstar pdf Download Evektor SportStar MAX flight manual online. 2 Certification sportstar Basis This airplane meets following ASTM standards: F2245-10c Design and Performance of a Light Sport Airplane.

It is the pilot&39;s responsibility pdf always to obtain and use current materials from the aircraft manufacturer. Built by EASA certified manufacturer with over 40-year experience The SportStar RTC is manufactured by Evektor-Aerotechnik - one of the world’s largest manufacturers of light sport aircraft, advanced UL and training airplanes, sportstar with. Featured evektor sportstar pdf Listing. SportStar a EuroStar patří do kategorie dvousedadlových lehkých evektor sportstar pdf sportovních letadel vyráběných společností Evektor-Aerotechnik v České republice. Airticle evektor sportstar pdf evektor sportstar pdf download (PDF, 165 kB). What type and grade of fuel is used in the Sportstar? evektor sportstar pdf SportStar bylo první oficiálně schválené speciální lehké sportovní letadlo tzv. Indeed there are now 16 flying schools equipped with them just in Australia.

:Letecka 1384 fax:Kunovice cz CZECH REPUBLIC www. Evektor Aircraft Inc. · EVEKTOR SPORTSTAR. This aircraft must be operated in compliance with the information and limitations stated sportstar in this manual. EVEKTOR - AEROTECHNIK a. the end of position&39;s number means validity for evektor sportstar pdf Evektor Sportstar Plus and SL type of plane.

LeteckáKunovice Czech Republic tel. Very easy to pdf fly and very little rudder input. SAOIUS Section 1 General 1--- 4 Janu 1. :fax:fax:e-mail: com FLIGHTMANUAL Doc. This listing was posted on.

The SPORTSTAR is light sport aircraft built by Evektor-Aerotechnik, a certified aircraft manufacturer from the Czech Republic, pdf which has more than 35 years experience in aircraft industry. 4 Instructions for spare parts catalogue For repairs use original spare parts Evektor only. Page 1 EVEKTOR – AEROTECHNIK a. Page 150 EXTINGUISHING DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION The Sportstar RTC airplane is equipped with a portable fire extinguisher (1, Fig.

Any suggestions as to a good spec sheet will be greatly appreciated. The Sportstar is all-metal, low-wing monoplane of semimonocoque construction with side-by-side seat arrangement and dual controls. 804 Water Street LeteckÆ 1384 Kerrville, TexasKunovice USA Czech Republic phone. holder – EVEKTOR, spol. : i SSMMAIPUS Date of Issue: Ma Revision: pdf - EVEKTOR–AEROTECHNIK a. evektor sportstar pdf 3 TC Holder EVEKTOR, spol.

The SportStar RTC airframe comes from the Evektor´s pilot training airplane called EV-97 VLA Harmony, which gained EASA JAR-VLA certification early. The Evektor SportStar is a very strong platform that is built to last even in the harsh environment of flight training. pdf) ENGINE PLUGS PREVENT BIRD NEST FOD. SportStar Aircraft Operating Instructions SportStar Flight Training Supplement SportStar Passenger Preflight Briefing. View online or download Evektor SportStar MAX Flight Manual, Pilot Operating Handbook. AIRCRAFT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Doc.

cz AIRPLANE TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION OPERATING, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR MANUAL EV-97 Eurostar SL. What is the MINIMUM allowable weight for passengers in N644SB? EVEKTOR SPORTSTAR WARNING ONLY ONE PERSON MAY BOARD OR DISEMBARK AT ANY TIME. Airworthiness Category Restricted 3. SportStar sportstar Initial model SportStar SL Improved model SportStar Max Version evektor sportstar pdf for the US LSA market with a gross weight of 1,320 lb (599 kg) SportStar RTC SportStar RTC was developed to meet EASA VLA certification and intended for use in flight training. Evektor Aircraft Inc.

In a new version, the extinguisher (1) is located on the left control rod cover (5). Avionics/Radios: Garmin G300 PDF GL-40 com, GT-327 transponder and intercom and. LIGHT SPORT AIRPLANE. Evektor EPOS Electric aircraft version, using the SportStar RTC fuselage and a new wing design. Light Sport Aircraft. The pilot is obliged to become familiar with all content of this Manual including supplements located in Section 9. This Illustrated Parts Catalogue is valid only for SportStar RTC airplane.

Manufacturer EVEKTOR-AEROTECHNIK a. limits/Reg/AWC Remove Seat Belt from Control Stick Left wing Main wheel tire inflated Brakes evektor sportstar pdf CHECK Fuel Quantity CHECK Fuel Filler cap SECURE Landing. :Letecka 1384 fax:.

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